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Hello!! Im Sarah, friends call me that, parents called me Sarah-jayne cos they thought it sounded posh?! Or they liked the Waltons? Or Brave Star ( 80’s cartoon ref showing me age) 🤦🏼‍♀️ ...

Anyway, i have squirreling of the brain as you may or may not tell from this waffle, i have ME/cfs whichever you like to go with down your neck of t woods and also Lyme disease for the last year as far as im aware? 🤔 Ive always been a bit knackered and a bit 😳 but put it down to single parentdom and life being quite stressful at times.

This here village will hopefully help me work out what ‘pacing‘ myself means, how to feel more not less and generally provide my brain with positivity and rainbows ❤️🥰✌🏻🌈🧠👍🏻 lots of spoonie hugs xx Sarah


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