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Android Os 22 Kernel 2632 Build Number V157 [Latest 2022]




1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to a system for searching and retrieving data from a first database through a second database, and more particularly, to a system for searching and retrieving data from a first database through a second database. 2. Description of Related Art The use of computer systems is common in most business and residential environments. In the daily business environment, most transactions are effected through a computer system. In the typical business and residential environment, users interact with and generate data using various types of personal computers. For example, business and residential users may use personal computers at work or at home to create, send, store and print documents and other types of information. As technology continues to develop, new types of computer systems are being developed. For example, hand held devices are now capable of running application programs, such as electronic calendaring and scheduling programs, and wireless computer systems are available for a variety of uses. In addition, companies are now offering wireless access to their computer systems in a number of locations. For example, an individual may be at his or her desk and may access a computer system located at a remote location, such as an employee or customer located at a remote site. This enables the user to access and view the information contained in the computer system while still at his or her desk. In addition, many computer systems are now capable of storing large amounts of data. In the past, computer systems were typically limited in their capacity for storing information. However, with the advent of smaller, faster, more power efficient computer systems, larger and larger amounts of data can be stored and used by the computer system. For example, computer systems now include devices, such as disk drives, capable of storing thousands or even millions of megabytes of data. Further, computer systems are now becoming increasingly interconnected. For example, there are now many different communications mediums capable of transmitting data to various computers and devices. These communications mediums include telephone lines, wireless communications devices, Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and other types of networks. In addition, computers and other devices are now capable of communicating with devices via the Internet, including the World Wide Web and Internet related devices, such as e-mail, instant messaging and other types of communications. These developments have enabled users to be able to store large amounts of data on the computer system and to transmit that data from the computer system to a variety of other devices and computers. The combination of a variety of devices capable of



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Android Os 22 Kernel 2632 Build Number V157 [Latest 2022]

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