The Year of Self-Love: A Moment of Honesty Concerning Spoonie Village as a Business

It's been another breathless week here at Spoonie Village! Between following a Parliamentary debate on the treatment of ME, getting our first greeting cards ready to put up on the store, and chatting with all of you lovely people on the forum, it's certainly been busy! Of course, it's our absolute pleasure to be able to work on serving and expanding this wonderful community, that's exactly why we've both committed ourselves to it totally this year, with Tom making managing the site his full-time job and Hayley putting all of her spare spoons and more into creating new art and products for you all.

It's important to remember though, there's only so much you can do before it's time to take a step back and take stock. Rest is so important but when slowing down it’s easy during this time to be critical of the things you've done; ruing missed opportunities, finding areas for improvement, beating yourself up over mistakes you’ve made. And it’s in exactly these situations that we often forget that we should be congratulating ourselves too. That is why this community is a two way thing. Thank you to everyone this week who has sent us a messages/comments about the new site, shared things on social media, signed up to the forum, read our previous blog, had a mooch around the new site and especially grateful if you placed an order. Your love and support for what we’re creating means the absolute world. On these days of self doubt and fear your messages/comments of support, love and feedback really do encourage us, keep us focused to keep trying new things and do our best for you and forr the future of Spoonie Village.

That being said, this blog post is a bit different to what we’d usually choose to write. Our aim for the blogs is to be platform for your stories and voices along with sharing our experiences of life and illnesses. In this case, we are discussing our experiences but this time it’s on the running of Spoonie Village and how it works, we care a great deal about being transparent and honest with all of you from the other side of what you usually see. So here goes…

Often, there’s an assumption about being online that means if you have a nice professional website everything must be a success straight away and it’s all taken off because it looks good. Thing is this really isn’t true (if you have Netflix and have seen “Fyre”, you’ll see how easily people can buy into this idea if it all looks glossy and perfect, even it’s being intended to dupe). In a world now caught up with the idea of influencers and people wanting show the best of everything on a social media snapshot. The majority of the time things like hard work, emotions and the time involved behind the scenes isn’t really visible and are getting lost. We know this and always aim to be as transparent as possible about the reality of what we do when living with illness. We want to always steer away from this type of “influencing” practice because it doesn’t fit with us. Not long ago Hayley wrote a post about this topic when hitting 20k followers and her concerns for being deemed a success for it.

We often get emails from people wanting sponsorship, asking if they can pay for us to promote them/their accounts or for us to promote their things because we have this community. As a rule we say no, the only time we would is if i