Sofia Otmalm - I saw the light

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I saw the light

The end of April 2020

By Sofia Otmalm

For 28 years, Sofia, has been living with Hypermobile type Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS), 22 spine/neck injuries and for the past eight years, Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

I couldn’t see anything but I felt a blade against my throat. I couldn’t move. I was filled with pain but I couldn’t call for help. Electric shocks consumed my body and travelled like darts to my fingertips and down to the soles of my feet.

I could feel more and more of my joints dislocating but I couldn’t do anything to put them back into position. My days were *full* of suffering, from sprains, pinched nerves and damaged ligaments. I couldn’t even speak because of the shock my body was in due to the pain. I was in a constant fight for survival.

On the fifth day, the pain I had felt in my body was so int