Chronically Creative #3: No Endo’ Creativity with Hannah (LadyGabe) and Mikaela (love.endo)

Happy Spoonie Sunday (slightly later than normal, sorry about that!). Today’s blog is another in our Chronically Creative series, which showcases and explores the relationships that creative Spoonies have between their illness and their art. However, this is an extra special one! To mark the start of Endometriosis Awareness Month, we‘ve got not one but two endo Spoonies together for the very wittily titled No Endo’ Creativity!

We‘ll let Hannah and Mikaela introduce themselves to you personally, but we just want to say a massive thank you to them for such honest and beautifully written posts! There’ll be links to all of their sites and socials at the ends of their respective pieces.

This post isn't the endo’ it either (Can you tell we love that pun?), there’ll be plenty more endo related content throughout the month, so whether you’re a sufferer or someone curious about the condition there’s going to be lots to keep you busy here in a The Village! So, without further ado, it’s on with the show!

Hannah -

I’m grateful to my chronic illness, endometriosis, for putting me where I am now in life. Strange thing to say, I know, but bear with me here.

I am a self employed published Illustrator and writer, pursuing a creative career that brings me so much joy! I’ve illustrated for Disney, Jaguar Land Rover, Hotel Chocolat amongst many others. However, before I continue with my creative pursuits, I’ve got a little background on what brings me here today.