Arushi - When Imagination Also Fails!

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When imagination also fails!

by Arushi Lohiya

Marketing & Branding strategist | Fibromyalgia Warrior | Patient Advocate | Published Poet | Animal lover

There is a very good chance that you are sitting while you’re reading this post. Take a second to consider how much time of a day you spend sitting. Out of the 24 hours that you have, the majority of time is spent sitting. If you are at work, it’s a minimum of 8 to 10 hours (feel free to add to that whatever number you want if you are working for a Startup like I do ;))

You are sitting when you commute to work and God forbid, if you should live in a place like New York, London or Mumbai your commute could easily take a good hour or two. You sit while you eat, you sit to poop ;) (and yes, eat n poop in the same sentence is not the best idea). You sit and watch TV unless you are one of those people who recline every 15 minutes when watching television. To make a long story short, you spend a major chunk of your day sitting.