Arushi - The Ghost of Red Dress Past

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The Ghost of Red Dress Past by Arushi Lohiya

My fortunate friends who have taken a leak (or a dump… eww) in my bathroom, would have noticed this very out of place, glamorous dress hung on the door of the bathroom. And it’s not a one off instance, it’s just always there.

I bought this dress on my 21st birthday. The grand 21st birthday! 21 is in the US what 18 is by UK standards. I found this dress hanging like an orphan on the walls of a store waiting for destiny to give it it’s forever home. Well, luckily or unluckily for her, she was going home with me. On 16 January, the red dress in question made its debut into the society. It was my +1, the first time I could legally (‘legally’ being the operative word ;) ) step into a bar. In the dim lights, it shined bright. In the loud crowd, it stood out. Among the other misfits in life, it fit perfectly. It danced, it laughed, it basically had the time of its life! And it definitely had to! After all, you only turn 21 once.

And then it got packed up and made its journey across continents in a suitcase to come to India in hope of a brighter future in, probably, a dimmer club. After this it travelled across the country but somehow its time never came. A special dress needs an equally special occasion. Today, ‘The Ghost of Red Dress Past’ hangs on a bathroom door. That is definitely not the fate it was expecting when we recited our vows to each other on that auspicious 16th of January. Today, the poor little under-used dress just sits there and waits for its turn. But little does it know it does much more than waiting…